Bespoke Ecommerce Website Development

Bespoke Ecommerce Website Development

Once you’ve considered your audience, customer journey, required functionality and level of in-house technical expertise, it soon becomes clear that every website is as unique as the business behind it – which is why we take the bespoke approach when it comes to ecommerce website development.

Over the years, our experts have created a robust and reliable ecommerce platform that can be significantly customised to your specific needs. Sure, an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution may be satisfactory for smaller sales volumes when you’re just starting out, but a brand that really means business and is focused on growth needs something more flexible and scalable.

Here are some of the things that a bespoke ecommerce website development solution can offer that basic platforms can’t:

bulletGreat customer service and full support.
bulletOn-brand design and complete aesthetic control.
bulletEcommerce Integration across multiple channels and software.
bulletUser-friendly and intuitive control panel and CMS.
bulletCustomer relationship management tools.
bulletConsultancy and ecommerce strategy support backed up by sophisticated analytics.
bulletTailored functionality to suit your workflows and internal processes.
bulletBusiness future proofing – your website grows as you do!
bulletAutomation – by bringing all your systems under your ecommerce
umbrella, you can automate manual tasks for added efficiencies, helping you to keep track of stock, offer exceptional customer service standards and assist growth.

The ecommerce development process

Developing a cost-effective ecommerce website that delivers everything that both you and your customers need involves an array of technical skills and plenty of experience – and we have both in bundles.

The development process can differ according to specific requirements, but essentially, it looks something like this:

bulletInitial consultation - To define objectives, requirements and budget and for our developers to gain an in-depth understanding of your business.
bulletIT consultation – We’ll discuss the implementation of your ecommerce platform with your technical department to ensure we’re all on the same page.
bulletDevelopment proposal – We’ll submit our recommended solution, along with a fixed cost and projected timescales for your approval.
bulletWireframe and functionalityOur web designers will put together a first iteration of visuals, while our developers start creating your bespoke platform.
bulletTweaking – You’ll be involved at every stage to allow us to tweak back-end functions, the user interface and overall performance to your satisfaction.
bulletTesting – Before roll-out, we’ll run your ecommerce website through a series of rigorous tests to ensure it’s ready to start making you money!
bulletRelease and support – At your go-ahead, we’ll put your site live online, then continue to collaborate with you as your business grows.
We’re here to make the ecommerce website development journey an enjoyable one, and with our extensive track-record of delivering commercially successful webshops, you have the reassurance that you’re placing your website in a safe pair of hands.

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