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Our team of experts continually look at ways our client’s sites can be improved with our Continuous Improvement Programme. To help you learn about Ecommerce, we ask them to devote some of their time each week to producing articles. The aim of the articles is to help other people improve their Ecommerce businesses. Hopefully you find these articles useful, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

Checkout Optimisation – Ecommerce Tips | Pace

Checkout optimisation tips for improved sales In ecommerce, sales is the name of the game – but if you’re noticing a high number of visitors adding things to their shopping basket and then abandoning the purchase at the last minute, you really need to focus some time on checkout optimisation... If you can encourage visitors…
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How to Prepare for Black Friday – Ecommerce Tips | Pace

Got an ecommerce website? Here’s how to prepare for Black Friday... November the 25th 2016 brings us this year’s annual bargain shopping event, Black Friday – but while it started life as a one-day High Street spree, the last couple of years have seen consumers hitting the internet instead of the shops. It’s no coincidence…
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Review and Improve Ecommerce Performance – Ecommerce Tips | Pace 

Continually review and improve your ecommerce site for optimum performance Many businesses get their website online and then leave it there to do its thing – but while this may work to some degree for a static brochure-style site, you really need to be continually reviewing and improving an ecommerce website on a rolling basis.…
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Product Photography Tips – Ecommerce Tips | Pace

Ecommerce product photography tips There are lots of different factors that make a great online shopping website, but ultimately, image is everything – and by that we don’t mean your brand, but your ecommerce product photography. When it comes to selling physical products, a picture tells a thousand words, so you need to pay close…
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