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Continually review and improve your ecommerce site for optimum performance

Many businesses get their website online and then leave it there to do its thing – but while this may work to some degree for a static brochure-style site, you really need to be continually reviewing and improving an ecommerce website on a rolling basis.


A lack of ongoing improvement and optimisation is the primary reason that we see ecommerce sales plateau, or even fall. Without an iterative updating process, your site’s performance will start to lag behind the competition and your user experience will stagnate.

How to identify necessary improvements

A ‘best guess’ isn’t good enough if you want to ensure the investment of your time/money isn’t going to be wasted. Constant monitoring of these key indicators for success should be a standard part of your ongoing business strategy:

  • Order volumes
  • Average order size
  • Conversion rates
  • New customers
  • Repeat customers

By analysing these KPIs you’ll have a clear indication of where you need to make improvements, and what should be the next item on your ‘to do’ list.

Possible improvements to consider

There are loads of improvements you can make to increase visits, conversions and sales volumes, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Review your keywords and related site-wide strategy
  2. Simplify the checkout process
  3. Allow guest checkouts
  4. Auto-generate suggestions for other items the buyer may consider
  5. Offer something to new customers e.g. first delivery free
  6. Improve your navigation
  7. Improve your search function
  8. Offer free delivery over a specific order value
  9. Improve/increase product images
  10. Clean-up your design
  11. Clean-up your code

For example, by examining the sales funnel and noting where you lose customers during the process, you’ll immediately be able to make tangible improvements. What’s going wrong at the stage where you get the highest drop-out? What can you do to improve the user experience and keep them engaged to the point of payment?

As with any type of business, it’s only by really digging deep into your data and understanding what’s going wrong and what needs improving that you can adapt your strategy and ensure that it’s constantly driving you forward.

Here at Pace, our ecommerce experts have extensive experience in helping online retailers to push their websites to peak performance levels, so if you’d like some help and advice, please get in touch for more details about our Continuous Ecommerce improvement program

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